If you are a member of the media, please contact the Global Communications team by email at GlobalPublicRelations@news-prudential.com

General Business Inquiries
Contact: Linda Fung
Phone: 973-802-7373
Email: linda.fung@prudential.com

Contact: Josh Stoffregen
Phone: 973-802-3996

Contact: Lisa Bennett
Phone: 973-802-2894

 Group and Individual Insurance
U.S.: Sheila Bridgeforth
Phone: 973-802-6852
Email: sheila.bridgeforth@prudential.com

Non-U.S.: Lisa Magnino
Phone: 973-802-8499
Email: lisa.magnino@prudential.com
Investment Management
Contact: Judith Flynn
Phone: 973-802-9939
Email: judith.flynn@prudential.com

 Mutual Funds
Contact: Judith Flynn
Phone: 973-802-9939
Email: judith.flynn@prudential.com

Real Estate Investments
Contact: Brendan Duffy
Phone: 973-802-5711
Email: brendan.duffy@prudential.com
Corporate Inquiries

Board Governance, Executive, Financial Communications

Regulatory and Public Policy Communications
General Account/Chief Investment Office
Compliance and Business Ethics

Contact: Laura Burke
Phone: 973-802-9489
Email: laura.burke@prudential.com

Talent Recruitment and Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Multicultural Marketing, Veterans Initiatives
Contact: Alicia Alston
Phone: 973-802-4446

Corporate Social Responsibility, Prudential Foundation
Contact: Caitrin O'Sullivan
Phone: 973-367-6633

Human Resources: Employee Benefits, Work/life, Health & Wellness
Contact: Peter Price
Phone: 973-802-6847
Email: peter.price@prudential.com

Corporate Technology
Contact: Yemi Rose
Phone: 973-802-7641
Email: yemi.rose@prudential.com